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Ways to Give

Whether hosting an event, providing a venue or sharing your skill via demo's --so many ways to build the design community


We believe that growing as a professional involves learning and growing as well as sharing what you've learnt with others.  Yes, we know, you're busy, life is tough, and we're  in year 3 of a pandemic... But... life goes on, and although these years have been tough, let's stop focusing on what we can't control, and let's focus on what we can do. So, what can we do...?


Join us online, volunteer as a speaker, and share anything you've learnt that can help entry, mid and senior designers

By Messaging

With multiple social media channels.. let's  share the social media management of this community


A collaborative community, always open to new ideas & passion projects 

In Person

You have a venue and want to bring people together? Host an event at your place. We're here to help

Image by Tracy Adams
Become a Sponsor
Image by Shubham Dhage

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This is a group created purely on a voluntary basis. Please be patient if your messages are not responded to immediately. We will definately respond as soon as we are able.

We have so many exciting things going on, be the first to find out!

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