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Who We Are & What We Do

We are a small group of designers who love learning. Our core responsibility is to help create a safe space to learn and play and to grow as professionals. 

Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters


A place to share ideas, challenges and grow together. Newbies and experts welcome!  Core topics:  Ethical, Experience Design, Tactics, Tools, Tips, Tricks. Design Principles, Process, Product 


We are not sponsored by Figma, or affiliated in any way, other than on a volunteer basis to help build the design community through online events 

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To promote Design as a practice within South Africa, to inspire an appreciation for design among students and companies alike. To promote a more balanced view of design in terms of social and technical responsibility. All that is designed has the power to help or harm. What you choose to work on, makes a difference and has an impact. It's your choice as a designer to work on products and services that continue to break the fabric of society...Or to choose to build a new tomorrow through conscious scrutiny of which projects and companies you choose to support and build up.


C.H.O.C : Clear, Honest, Open, Communication-- just say it straight. Life's too short to expect people to read your mind


Give back time, skills, knowledge -- and remember, even if no one helped you, you can be who you needed back then, for someone else today


Work to live, don't live to work...Don't spend your entire 20s working so hard, you burn out by 30


you do not know everything, and that's ok, but there's someone who can show you if you ask


Not everything we do needs to result in a financial benefit. You can earn trust, new skills and new collaborators --focus on fun first

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